Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Suunto Ambit Review: Suunto sure know what they're up to!

suunto ambit review
Most people that are up to something related to the outdoor community are probably familiar with the company name Suunto by now. The company, which is based in Finland, has been creating compasses for almost 100 years.

Their impressive resume includes compasses that date all the way back to WW2 - so it's quite safe to say that these guys know what they're up to when it comes to compasses. They now not only build compasses, but dive instruments and sport watches that more often than not set the bar for its competition.

When I was told I had to review the new Suunto Ambit I literally jumped at the opportunity. That is because I have owned a couple of watches made by Suunto over the years and I have never been disappointed with my purchases.

I've only had one problem, but Suunto promptly addressed it so they're faring quite well in my eyes.

The Suunto Ambit looks really, really sharp. This might seem like a stupid thing to highlight, but given the crazy appearance of many other GPS watches in the market - this thing looks completely legit during work and so-called leisure time.

You get to choose from 2 different colors when getting the Suunto Ambit. You'll either choose the black one, like I have, or you can also get one with silver trim around the lens.

The battery life of this thing is amazing. When you're not up to something special (i.e. not using the GPS), the battery will last for as long as 30 days. Using the GPS will make the battery last for a lot less, depending on what type of GPS you've chosen to enable.

The battery will last 50 hours with 60-second tracking or 15 hours with one-second tracking. As you can tell - this is a GPS watch out of the ordinary. You do not need to charge if after every workout. It will last much longer than that.

As for the GPS signal - the Suunto Ambit picks it up really, really quick. I'm talking seconds, not minutes. Setting this thing up when you're about to start a workout of some kind is really simple, and I can assure you that you won't have any time for stretching while waiting for the GPS to initialize!

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